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We are soft drink, water, juice and energy drink suppliers

Rockstar 500ml



Sour Bubbleberry

Sugar Free

Lime Freeze

All available in our warehouse now!

375ml So Good Almond Flavoured Milk

30-40% less sugar than normal flavoured milk

New Look

750ml G Force

 Available in 4 Flavours

Charlie's Quenchers 500ml

Recent Release

Available in 3 flavours



Capri Wholesale

Capri Wholesale was established in 1995 and is predominantly a beverage company distributing great brands such as: Schweppes, Gatorade, Cool Ridge spring water, Pepsi range, Spring Valley, V Energy, Mizone, Maximus, Up & Go, Lucozade, Ribena, Rockstar, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Red Bull energy, Neverfail Spring Water and also BOC hospitality Gases.

We are a family business operating in the central and western Queensland areas.

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 Monday to Friday

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